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thumbs upEarly reviews for Supreme Ambitions have come in — and so far, so good.

The first review, a capsule review from a librarian and prolific book blogger, described Supreme Ambitions as “[e]xtremely well written and absorbing.” This review was brief, but I was glad to see that a non-lawyer enjoyed the book.

The second review, by Judge Richard G. Kopf (D. Neb.), examined Supreme Ambitions in much greater detail. Reviewing the book for his widely read blog, Hercules and the Umpire, Judge Kopf wrote, “Lat’s novel is a cross between a serious look into the heart of darkness and an insouciant study of Manolo Blahnik footwear…. This is legal realism at its finest but told in the highly unusual and difficult form of a well-crafted novel.”

Finally, writing for the Maryland Appellate Blog, Steve Klepper declared Supreme Ambitions to be “a legitimate page-turner. Lat knows the story he wants to tell, and he tells it well. He makes no secret of the themes he wants to convey, and he conveys them effectively. Overall, it’s a smashing success.”

I thank these reviewers for taking the time to read and write about Supreme Ambitions. I am especially grateful to Judge Kopf and Steve Klepper, prominent commentators within the world of law, for their thoughtful engagement with and kind words about the book. You can read their full reviews — which contain some constructive criticism as well — via the links below.

If you are a member of the media — and yes, of course that includes bloggers — and would be interested in a review copy, please feel free to email me to request one. Thanks!

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