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Supreme Ambitions cover high resolutionProfessor Mitu Gulati and Judge Richard A. Posner recently posted to SSRN a very interesting paper entitled The Management of Staff by Federal Court of Appeals Judges. If you’re curious about how federal appellate judges run their chambers, you should definitely check it out.

Here’s an excerpt from page 3 of the paper (affiliate links to books added by me):

[T]hose seeking information about the range of management techniques [of federal judges] are forced to rely on rumor, anecdote and (if one is a judge) conversations with one’s colleagues (a type of conversation that appears to occur very rarely).2

2 A handful of respondents pointed to Judge Frank Coffin’s book, The Ways of a Judge: Views From the Federal Appellate Bench from 1980, as having provided some insight. To our surprise, the other book that came up a couple of times as a source of information was a novel, David Lat’s Supreme Ambitions, from 2014.

Thanks to these judges and to Professor Gulati and Judge Posner for the mentions. I tried to make Supreme Ambitions fairly realistic, so I’m glad to hear that at least some judges think I succeeded.

You can download the full paper via the link below. Thanks to @BryanGivi on Twitter for the heads-up.

The Management of Staff by Federal Court of Appeals Judges [SSRN]

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