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“But what if you don’t get the clerkship with Judge Gottlieb?” I asked Jeremy. “You’d rather clerk with Judge Barzun than not clerk at all….”

“So the interview ends because Barzun has to go to a dinner party with her husband,” said Jeremy. “She tells me she’ll walk out with me. One of her clerks comes downstairs with us too — Craig Silver, a Yalie, graduated two years ago — do you know him?”

“No, although everyone says he was a great managing editor on the Journal.”

“Anyway, we all go outside. We’re at the corner of Seventh and Mission — totally sketch neighborhood, by the way, as you’ll see when you go up to S.F. for hearings with Stinson. We’re there maybe a minute or two, and then this huge black Mercedes S-class pulls up right in front of us….”


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