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Supreme Ambitions cover high resolutionProfessor Will Baude, writing about Supreme Ambitions over at the Volokh Conspiracy, issued what might just be my favorite verdict on the book so far: “I still can’t decide whether this is a ridiculous book or an insightful one. It might be both.” As you might expect from me as the creator of Underneath Their Robes, a site that I like to think was both ridiculous and insightful, I took this as high praise indeed — an even greater compliment than Baude’s calling Supreme Ambitions “the best quasi-fictional account of law school that I have read (even though much of it is immediately post-law school).”

One thing I’ve enjoyed about reading book reviews is noticing how different reviewers pick up on different things. Rosemarie Yu, reviewing the book for the New York Law Journal, clearly sensed — and shared — the great affection I feel for Judge Christina Wong Stinson, the judicial diva who is my favorite creation. Yu quite aptly described Judge Stinson as “the charming, silver-tongued villainess that you secretly root for.”

Supreme Ambitions is now making its way into the hands of people other than reviewers. Folks who have ordered the book through Politics & Prose, Powell’s, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon have reported receiving their copies or notifications that their copies are about to ship.

If you’re a reader of Supreme Ambitions with feedback on the book, or if you’d like to contact me for any other reason, please don’t hesitate to email me.

Book Review: ‘Supreme Ambitions’ by David Lat [Volokh Conspiracy / Washington Post]
Book Review: Supreme Ambitions [New York Law Journal]

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