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Yale Law School

Yale Law School

As the release date for Supreme Ambitions approaches, a few more reviews and other mentions of the book have appeared in the media.

Most recently, Professor Ilya Somin reviewed Supreme Ambitions for the widely read and highly influential Volokh Conspiracy. Professor Somin praised the book as “an engrossing page-turner that focuses on the seemingly unlikely subject of federal judges and their law clerks…. an impressive first novel, one of the best that has ever been written about the federal judiciary. It is a great read for anyone interested in the world of federal judges and their sometimes overly ambitious clerks.”

Over at Above the Law, the legal website that I founded and still edit, outside columnist Mark Herrmann also wrote a positive review. Herrmann — a former clerk for the Ninth Circuit, the court where the book is set — commended the book for its realism: “Does Supreme Ambitions ring true to me? Absolutely.”

Finally, in an article for the Yale Daily News, reporter Phoebe Kimmelman used Supreme Ambitions as the jumping-off point for an interesting exploration of the current state of clerkship hiring. According to Kimmelman, “[f]or Yalies, the book hits close to home. But it also delves into a topic that both drives and haunts many students at Yale Law School and beyond — judicial clerkships.”

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